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Donald Burg

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Donald Burg
Marketing and Design Director

After a successful career of providing creative services for large corporations, smaller businesses and nonprofit organizations, Donald Burg joined the Neil Lyon Group to apply his multi-disciplinary design skills and formidable background in marketing and design to the Neil Lyon Group’s new and bold marketing initiatives.

Donald Burg is an award-winning graphic designer and creative consultant who owned and operated his own firm, Tugboat Design LLC since 1999. As the creative force behind Tugboat, Don conceived and produced visual identities and materials for new products and business ventures. His expertise extends from creating identity programs, to designing print, packaging and electronic communications. He has been key in the development of dimensional designs including displays and exhibits. He is well versed in defining brand characteristics, determining the essence of the brand, and then applying those attributes to an integrated visual identity across the spectrum of creative that clients demand and require.

His clients have included major corporate and consumer brands such as Timberland, Applegate Farms, Ben & Jerry’s, DIAGEO, P&G Prestige Products, The Gillette Companies, Unilever (Maille) and Stonyfield Farm. Nonprofit clients have included Clean Air-Cool Planet, Partnership for Prevention and New York University.

During the course of his professional design career, Don has also worked with leading design and communication firms in Chicago and New York including Porter Novelli one of the world’s leading marketing public relations firms. Headquartered in New York City, he was Senior Vice President and Creative Director of the New York office as well as Creative Director for the Chicago and San Francisco offices of the firm. As such, he was responsible for managing the Porter Novelli brand identity, including designing the logotype, creating and monitoring brand standards and maintaining those applications internationally. He and his team created award-winning designs for the firm’s clients in Consumer, Health Care, Food and Nutrition and B2B sectors.

He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BFA in Design.

Personal Statement

Conceptor. It may not be a word, but I get it. In fact, if it were a word, people would use it to describe me. Although I’m usually labeled a Designer, I really am – and have always been – a Conceptor. I’m the first to be invited to a brainstorming session and the last to give up when the best solution to a client challenge is slow in coming. I’m the idea guy people turn to when they’re looking for a fresh way to bring a brand alive. Or give it a jolt. They know I’ll think outside the box since I never like it inside the box anyway. I know driving innovation is a big part of the job. As is taking risks.

Yet, a Conceptor also has to be grounded. If the idea doesn’t make clear sense for the brand and the business, what’s the point? And since I usually have to sell it through, I want the client to be able to feel the creative concept emerging naturally from the strategic vision of the brand from the moment I open my mouth. I’m driven by the same things that drive a lot of other people crazy. I enjoy shifting gears frequently and am happy working for a global spirits client one moment and centuries old French mustard brand the next. I like working with demanding clients who feel passionately about their brand, their business or their cause. And even the most strong-willed and independent creative staff I have managed would be the first to tell you I like collaborating with others and generating great solutions together.

I have run my own creative business and my own department within a larger marketing communications firm. Now I am excited to contribute all of my background and experience to the Neil Lyon Group as the team’s creative Conceptor. A label that fits.

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