The Neil Lyon Group

The Neil Lyon Group

Sotheby’s International Realty
326 Grant Avenue
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
505 988-2533 direct office

Group Summary

In concert with Sotheby’s International Realty’s ranking as the #1 brokerage in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico, Neil Lyon and his team consistently rank among the top producers in Santa Fe, and they have been the top producers in a number of those years since 2002.

Even though Sotheby’s International Realty is known as the premier firm that sells many of the world’s most expensive homes, we believe it is important to understand that luxury is an experience, not a price point. The Neil Lyon Group operates on this premise with every property owner with whom we work and with every buyer.

From the moment we first engage to the time we will complete your transaction at the closing table, our goal is effectiveness and excellence. We pride ourselves on our expertise, accessibility, responsiveness, discretion and professionalism. Our approach to how we communicate and provide our services is designed to exceed your high expectations.

The details of Neil Lyon’s decades of experience are described in the “Who We Are” section of our marketing presentation and this story puts him at the helm of our operations both inside and out. With over 40 years of experience in every facet of the business, he oversees each phase of your transaction with an emphasis on supporting you through the complexities and subtleties of contract negotiations and the all-important escrow process. With a team of experts that he has carefully selected to support his efforts and his clients’, you can be assured that at each phase of the process a seasoned professional equally committed to quality service and highly trained, will be available to you.

Debbie Crawford, the Neil Lyon Group’s Showing Specialist, has been a licensed broker for over 20 years, ten of which placed her in the top-producing category in her Tucson market, as a well-respected specialist in resort and gated community markets. Since moving to Santa Fe in 2017, her presence at showings and inspections guarantees the services of a consummate and highly experienced professional.

Cindy Lyon has been a real estate agent and broker since the 1980’s. Cindy’s primary focus is on two aspects of the team’s business: She is the videographer who insures that each of our marketed properties shows beautifully to world with our exclusive Matterport High Definition. 3 Dimensional Virtual Tours. Cindy also assists on showings of our listed properties during those peak times when the team’s showing activity demands a 4 th set of skilled hands. Like the other members of the team, Cindy’s knowledge of the industry is deep and her value to our clients is supplemented by her professional affiliations and community involvement. With her background in investment analysis as well as in commercial real estate, you can count on the presence of a polished professional in any phase of a transaction that requires her services.

Nina Farana is our Operations Manager and Transaction Coordinator. Selling a home has become a complex endeavor as more and more disclosures and requirements are part of the process. We are committed to achieving the sale of your home or the success of your purchase and guiding you through the many steps involved as efficiently and effectively as possible. Nina is a licensed broker with a background in administration that spans many decades, and she oversees the many-steps process to get every one of our clients to the desired end result. She will be the point person for the myriad of details and documentation involved with each contract. She’ll be managing the considerable document flow between buyers and sellers, managing the many contract deadlines, communicating and coordinating with you, lenders, attorneys, title companies, HOA representatives and the like. Like the rest of the team, she has extensive experience and is relied upon by all members of the team to orchestrate our collective efforts with the desired outcome as the end goal.

Donald Burg is the skilled team member behind our marketing programs. He, too, comes from an extensive background in advertising and marketing. While he works mostly behind the scenes, he is responsible for making your property visible in the marketplace and facilitating maximum exposure for it on Sotheby’s multiple digital and print advertising platforms.

Each licensed broker on our team is trained in the intricacies of working with buyers and sellers, showing properties accurately and skillfully, writing solid purchase contracts and managing the complex escrow process. As such, we easily handle the team’s business as a highly organized and effective unit. Technology assists us in giving you access to all of our team members no matter where you are in the transaction or in the world. As in any well-managed and effective organization, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and each team member has a skill set that is available and valuable to you. Be assured that each one of us is committed to backing up our reputation and your trust in us with the highest quality service.

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